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Truck Dismantlers Ballarat Victoria

Get Cash for Unwanted Truck: TAILGATE LOADER, 


There are many different ways to get a truck quote: fill out our online quote form or contact us. Filling out the online form takes no time at all, you can fill out the form within seconds and when you submit it, one of our scrap truck buyers will be getting back to you.  You can continue through your day without the hassle of having to call on the phone, especially if you have other things you have to do at that time.

Once you talk to one of our professional truck buyers, they will give you a quote that you can be happy about.  The great thing about our company is that you can choose to either go through with us right away or if you wanted to think about it you can give us a callback, no pressure!  If you do decide that you want to accept our quote, just say the word and we will get you all set up in our system and we will get you in contact with our dispatcher.  If you don’t have time to talk with our dispatcher right then, our dispatcher will contact you usually within the hour to get you set up with a pickup time that works for you.

Heavy & Light Trucks Salvage Yard Ballarat

Hino Truck Wreckers

Mitsubishi Truck Dismantlers

Volvo Truck Dismantlers

Fuso Truck Wreckers

Mack Truck Dismantlers

Nissan Diesel UD Wreckers

Mazda Truck Dismantlers

Isuzu Truck Wreckers

Freightliner Truck Dismantlers

Mercedes Benz Truck Wreckers

Do you need a Title or Registration?

Having the title is preferred but not a requirement. Other proofs of ownership are accepted. Just ask your friendly junk truck operator about other documents we accept. They can help you with this at the time of the quote by phone.

Before You Sell Your Scrap Truck to Truck Wreckers Ballarat

Prior to the removal of the vehicle from your property, do go over its contents and remove anything of value left inside.  Rummage through the glove compartment, the floor, under the seats and in the trunk and any other area where you may have left something of value.  It is not unusual that you could find some lost items in there including cash or CDs. If the truck is registered, you need to contact the insurance company in order to cancel the policy.

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Our truck wreckers buy all types of trucks, no matter what make or model. Cash for Scrap Trucks frequently buy trucks from the list of manufacturers below. If you want to sell a truck that isn’t on the list, we’ll still buy it.

  • Ford Truck Wreckers Melbourne
  • Iveco Truck Wreckers Melbourne
  • Isuzu Truck Wreckers Melbourne
  • Hino Truck Wreckers Melbourne
  • Fuso Truck Wreckers Melbourne
  • Mack Truck Wreckers Melbourne
  • Volvo Truck Wreckers Melbourne